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Here is the deal about Polk Musicians.

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  My name is mike but every one has called me “Little Will” since I was like 10, and it’s been just “Will” for the past 20 years. And I have played guitar for going on 22+ years now.
  A few years ago I decided I wanted to be in a band, a real band not just a couple guys jamming on there guitars. So I thought I would do a search for local musicians in Polk County, and came up with nothing at all except a couple of paid services that the variety of musicians was some what limited and still nothing local. So I decided to start a local musician’s forum. In the process of building the forum I thought just a local musician search is not enough content to make the site worth revisiting.
   Then I got to thinking why not add local bands looking for some place to play. I did a search for venues around Polk County. Guess what I found? That’s right nothing. I’m not saying there is nothing because there are a few great places, they are just not so easy to find on the internet. This is understandable because venue owners have enough to worry about just running the venue and have only a limited amount of time and money for advertising, and rely heavily on word of mouth and the fans, friends and family of the bands to generate there revenue. Ok this is getting longer then I was expecting so ill cut it short.
My goal for Polk musicians is to consolidate as much information as possible about the local music seen in Polk county and put it in one spot on the internet to make it easy for any one to find, All so to do what ever I can do to help improve the current state of apathy that exists in the area local music venues in Polk County.  
But I am just 1 guy, not much I can do alone; I need your support in this. So I invite you to discuss what you think about the matter, either here, in your blog, (preferably) on my forum at Polk Musicians

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