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site update

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Well I guess its time for a site update so here goes nothing.
    I know I went threw kind of what Polk musicians is last time with “hears the deal about Polk musicians”. But I thought id go a little more into it. What exactly is Polkmusicians? Well that’s kind of hard to pin down at the moment; I guess I could start by stating what it is not.

    Polkmusicians is not just another “band list”; if you take a close look at my friends list you will see that every one on it is from Polk County, they are either in a band or a solo artist, or…, some one that can help a band or artist in or around Polk county.(i.e. studios venues, promotion so on ect…);with the exception of my few personal friends. So, I guess you could say Polk musicians is a resource of some sort.
   Polkmusicians is not just a myspace page. There are three parts to Polk musicians, the myspace page, the main web site and the musicians forum. What I’m going for here is ,for lack of a better term, a gateway of sorts, for the public at large to locate the Polk county “music scene” which by the way, is not dead or even in the ICU, its just on vacation in other counties.

  The idea here is for me to make a lot of “hoopla” about the Polk county music scene, on the web page so that Google picks it up. So when John q Public Googles music in Polk county, or what ever along those lines; he finds Polkmusicians.com with a link to the myspace page with over 300 links to various parts of the “music scene”. By “hoopla” I mean actual content relevant to the Polk county music scene.

  The forum; all ill say here about that is that it is what started Polk musicians back in 2004, and it is covered in more detail in my previous post “here’s the deal about Polk musicians”
   Any way, in closing id just likes to say this; as to whom Polk musicians is not, it’s not me; it is you. I’m just a small part; I do play a mean guitar (if I do say so my self), 2 or 3 times a week at my local church (any time any of you want to jam your more then welcome to join me there, and if not your local church would most likely welcome you in a like manner (not going to bible thump you, nuff said))
And id like to mention that all the music on my profile is by local musicians and bands my taste is a little eclectic but I try to keep it interesting.
If you would like to comment on this, you can find this posted in my blog and it will be on my page for a bit.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 03:36  

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